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Massolit is an independent English-language bookstore, both used and new, located in Krakow's old town. We specialize in popular and academic books, most at significantly discounted prices. Browse on-line through our more than 20,000 titles, or better, visit us in person! We welcome customers to browse the shelves and read our books or periodicals in the café or in the furnished back rooms.

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  • 9780141185323 The Years by Woolf, Virginia (A)

    During her lifetime The Years was one of Virginia Woolf's most popular books, and is considered to be one of the most powerful indictments of 'Victorianism' ever written. Less experimental in technique than her previous novels, it opens in 1880 and follows the fortunes of the Pargiters, a middle-class family living in London. Mrs Pargiter is very ill; her husband leads a double life. Against this background the children follow a daily ritual of meals, outings and good works. In the final section, the children have grown up into the 1930s. They are ostensibly independent, yet they reveal themselves to be spiritually bound to their past. A work of fluid and dazzling lucidity, The Years traces the shifts of time through the dialogues, thoughts and feelings of individual members of the family, at the same time interweaving themes of change and continuity.

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  • 9780393329339 Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers by Appiah, K. Anthony (A)

    Reviving the ancient philosophy of "Cosmopolitanism," a school of thought that dates to the Cynics of the fourth century BCE, Appiah traces its influence through history to show how Western intellectuals and leaders have wildly exaggerated the power of difference--and neglected the power of one.

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  • 9780618219087 Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews. A History by Carroll, James (A)

    "A rare book that combines searing passion with a subject that has affected all of our lives."--"Chicago Tribune" Novelist, cultural critic, and former priest James Carroll marries history with memoir as he maps the two-thousand-year course of the Church's battle against Judaism and faces the crisis of faith it has sparked in his own life. "Fascinating, brave, and sometimes infuriating" ("Time"), this dark history is more than a chronicle of religion. It is the central tragedy of Western civilization, its fault lines reaching deep into our culture to create "a deeply felt work" ("San Francisco Chronicle") as Carroll wrangles with centuries of strife and tragedy to reach a courageous and affecting reckoning with difficult truths.

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  • 9780880015165 The Essential Cavafy / Selected and with an Introduction by Edmund Keeley by Cavafy, Constantine (A)

    Cavafy's mythical world presents us with an image of the good life--the life of exquisite sensuality, refined tastes, and mixed faiths--that more often than not carries within it the ripening prospect of its own death; yet in his work there appears to be no other life more worthy of celebration.... As ironist and realist, his vision is readily translatable into the language of contemporary experience; and the commitment to hedonism, to political skepticism, and to honest self-awareness... anticipates the prevailing aura of our times.

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