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  • 9780500290521 Henri Cartier-Bresson: A Biography by Assouline, Pierre (A)

    The 20th century was that of the image, and the legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, born in 1908, was the eye of the century. He focused on the fascination of Africa in the 1920s, the tragic fate of the Spanish Republicans, the Liberation of Paris, the weariness of Gandhi a few hours before his assassination, the victory of the Chinese communists, and much more besides. Cartier-Bresson was always on the spot, the great opportunist, seizing lifes historic events as they happened. An intensely private individual, Cartier-Bresson nonetheless took Pierre Assouline into his confidence over a number of years, discussing such subjects as his youthful devotion to surrealism, his lifelong passion for drawing, his experience of war and the prison camps, his friends and the women in his life. He even opened up his invaluable archives. This sensitive biography is the result of the meeting of two minds, revealed in much the same way and with the same truth as one of Cartier-Bressons outstanding, inimitable photographs.

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  • 9781419700620 Robert Capa: The Paris Years 1933-1954 by Lebrun, Bernard (A)Lefebvre, Michel (A)

    Robert Capa: The Paris Years 1933-54 offers a glimpse into the life of revered photojournalist. Focusing on the story of his Paris studio, and organised chronologically, the book explores his relationship with notable photographers, friends and loved ones, as well as the environment in which his career developed. Robert Capa: The Paris Years 1933-64 interjects new insight into this fascinating and talented man through recently surfaced documents and belongings, material created in or originating from his Paris Studio. These various artifacts have surfaced over the past 30 years and include notebooks, papers and developed photos. Most notably, nearly 70 years after it disappeared, his so-called Mexican Suitcase, that re-surfaced at the International Centre of Photography in New York in December 2007. The suitcase contained Capa's Spanish Civil War negatives, which had vanished from his studio at the start of WWII. These newly found treasures offer fresh insight into the man and the images. Moreover, this illustrated biography delves into his Paris life and how this environment affected his photography and personal experiences.

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  • 9780714845630 Photography Today by Durden, Mark (A)

    \n\nA lively and accessible survey of photography as art since the 1960s, exploring how, in the hands of some of the world's greatest photographic artists, it has developed into a respected and versatile artistic medium.

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  • 9781597112611 Emmet Gowin by Gowin, Emmet (A)

    \n\nThroughout his prolific career as a photographer, Emmet Gowin had threaded together seemingly disparate subjects - his wife, Edith, and their extended family; American and European landscapes; aerial views of environmental devastation - that reflect his ongoing interest in issues of scale, the impact of the individual, and notions of belonging. This survey pays tribute to Gowin's remarkable career and his impact on the medium."

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  • 9780810996540 From Where I Stand by McCartney, Mary (A)

    "From Where I Stand" is photographer Mary McCartney's first book, introducing the very best work spanning her career from the mid-1990s to the present. These images are a reflection not only of Mary's personal world, but also of the unique relationships she establishes with the people she photographs. She constantly seeks to put her subjects at ease, watching and waiting for them to let the camera in rather than imposing any formal ideas of composition or technique. The book is centered around an outstanding collection of portraits, from 50s-inspired rockabillies to Paul and Linda McCartney, Madonna, Bono, Debbie Harry, Elvis Costello, Dennis Hopper, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Moss. Here are amazing people, places, and events as seen through Mary's eyes: the intimacy of backstage preparations among the corps de ballet at the Royal Opera House; the raw energy of fashion shows and rock concerts, both on stage and off; the private spaces of home and family; and wittily observed vignettes of visual delight.

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