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Massolit is an independent English-language bookstore, both used and new, located in Krakow's old town. We specialize in popular and academic books, most at significantly discounted prices. Browse on-line through our more than 20,000 titles, or better, visit us in person! We welcome customers to browse the shelves and read our books or periodicals in the café or in the furnished back rooms.

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  • 10729073_605984982857490_1740412371_n Widma: A Journal of American and Polish Verse. 2014 Autumn Vol.1 No. 1 by Suh, Lynn (Ed.)

    WIDMA, a journal of American and Polish poetry. The journal brings together some of the best contemporary and avant-garde poets in Poland and the States, with parallel translations. WIDMA is also Massolit's first ever publication.

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  • 9780571303694 Report from the Interior by Auster, Paul (A)

    From his baby's-eye view of the man in the moon to his childhood worship of the movie cowboy Buster Crabbe to the composition of his first poem at the age of nine to his dawning awareness of the injustices of American life, Report from the Interior charts Auster's moral, political and intellectual journey as he inches his way toward adulthood through the post-war fifties and into the turbulent 1960s. Auster evokes the sounds, smells, and tactile sensations that marked his early life-and the many images that came at him, including moving images (he adored cartoons, he was in love with films), until, at its unique climax, the book breaks away from prose into pure imagery: The final section of Report from the Interior recapitulates the first three parts, told in an album of pictures. At once a story of the times and the story of the emerging consciousness of a renowned literary artist, this four-part work answers the challenge of autobiography in ways rarely, if ever, seen before.

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  • 9780805081459 Travels in The Scriptorium by Auster, Paul (A)

    A man pieces together clues to his past--and the identity of his captors--in this fantastic, labyrinthine novel\nAn old man awakens, disoriented, in an unfamiliar chamber. With no memory of who he is or how he has arrived there, he pores over the relics on the desk, examining the circumstances of his confinement and searching his own hazy mind for clues.\nDetermining that he is locked in, the man--identified only as Mr. Blank--begins reading a manuscript he finds on the desk, the story of another prisoner, set in an alternate world the man doesn't recognize. Nevertheless, the pages seem to have been left for him, along with a haunting set of photographs. As the day passes, various characters call on the man in his cell--vaguely familiar people, some who seem to resent him for crimes he can't remember--and each brings frustrating hints of his identity and his past. All the while an overhead camera clicks and clicks, recording his movements, and a microphone records every sound in the room. Someone is watching.\nBoth chilling and poignant, "Travels in the Scriptorium" is vintage Auster: mysterious texts, fluid identities, a hidden past, and, somewhere, an obscure tormentor. And yet, as we discover during one day in the life of Mr. Blank, his world is not so different from our own.

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  • 9780312428518 Man in the Dark by Auster, Paul (A)

    A "Washington Post "Best Book of the Year ""Man in the Dark" is an undoubted pleasure to read. Auster really does possess the wand of the enchanter."--Michael Dirda, "The New York Review of Books"From a "literary original" ("The Wall Street Journal") comes a book that forces us to confront the blackness of night even as it celebrates the existence of ordinary joys in a world capable of the most grotesque violence. Seventy-two-year-old August Brill is recovering from a car accident at his daughter's house in Vermont. When sleep refuses to come, he lies in bed and tells himself stories, struggling to push back thoughts about things he would prefer to forget: his wife's recent death and the horrific murder of his granddaughter's boyfriend, Titus. The retired book critic imagines a parallel world in which America is not at war with Iraq but with itself. In this other America the twin towers did not fall and the 2000 election results led to secession, as state after state pulled away from the union and a bloody civil war ensued. As the night progresses, Brill's story grows increasingly intense, and what he is desperately trying to avoid insists on being told.

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