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  • 9781571819475 Women in Polish Cinema by Mazierska, Ewa (A)Ostrowska, Elzbieta (A)

    Polish film has long enjoyed an outstanding reputation but its best known protagonists tend to be male. This book points to the important role of women as key characters in Polish films, such as the enduring female figure in Polish culture, the "Polish Mother," female characters in socialist realistic cinema, women depicted in the films of the Polish School, Solidarity heroines, and women in the films from the postcommunist period. Not less important for the success of Polish cinema are Polish women filmmakers, four of whom are presented in this volume: Wanda Jakubowska, Agnieszka Holland, Barbara Sass, and Dorota Kedzierzawska, whose work is examined.

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  • 41vdqetfqal Awakening Lives: Autobiographies of Jewish Youth in Poland before the Holocaust by Shandler, Jeffrey (Ed.)

    The candid and passionate writings in these autobiographies not only reveal the personal struggles, ambitions, and dreams of fifteen young Polish Jews in the 1930s, they also offer remarkable insight into the nature of ordinary Jewish life in Poland during the years between the world wars. Later authors often view this moment through lenses tinted by nostalgia or horror. But these young writers, unaware of the catastrophic future, tell their life stories with the urgency and fervor of adolescents, coming of age during a period of manifold new opportunities and challenges.\nThe autobiographies presented in the volume are selected from hundreds that were written for contests in the 1930s conducted by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, then based in Vilna. The words of the selected nine male and six female authors now speak across the chasm of history, providing unique testimony on Jewish life in the final years before the Holocaust.

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  • 9781905583393 Cold Sea Stories by Huelle, Pawel (A)

    In this collection of short stories, Pawel Huelle tackles the big themes of life, politics, loss and love. The stories are unified by a common theme - each features a book, from works of major religious significance to the catalogue issued by a toy shop.

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  • 9780875806976 Beautiful Twentysomethings by Hlasko, Marek (A)

    Beautiful Twenty somethings is a vivid firsthand account of the life of Marek Hlasko, a young writer whose iconoclastic way of life became an inspiration in 1950s Poland. Detailing relationships with such giants of Polish culture as the filmmaker Roman Polanski and the novelist Jerzy Andrzejewski, this memoir recounts his adventures and misadventures abroad in the postwar era. When he was recalled to Poland in 1958, Hlasko refused to return and was stripped of his Polish citizenship. He spent the rest of his life working in exile.

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